Discover DASD

Discover DASD

Excerpt of video produced by Conversancy Place, DeForest, Wisconsin (used with permission).

The DeForest Area School District enjoys a long community tradition of scholarship and high achievement both in and outside of the classroom.  Parents and the community at large are involved in the educational process at many levels in the system.  Strong links between the schools and local senior citizens and businesses enhance the learning opportunities available to both the students and the general public.  Students excel in a variety of endeavors upon completion of their high school careers.  While in school, students in the district have the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of curricular and extra-curricular areas.

The Board of Education and the staff of DASD are committed to providing excellent facilities and quality instruction to the broad community it serves. We welcome you to our schools and to the learning opportunities they provide.

Our Mission, Vision and Priorities

The DASD Board of Education has studied the elements of the community’s vision for its public school system. This information was obtained during the Board’s Future Search process, entitled Framework for the Future. In two, three-day conferences (1999 and 2009), a representative group of citizens and educators laid out the foundation for the vision for the school district. The Board used that input to design the district’s Mission, Vision and Belief Statements, as well as the key purposes of our work (“End in Mind”) for the community and for students.  These fundamental priorities drive our district’s policies, practices, and continuous improvement efforts.  Learn more


School Performance

According to Wisconsin Statute 115.38 annually by January 1, each school board shall notify the parent or guardian of each pupil enrolled in the school district of the right to request a school and school district performance report. Please contact the District Office at (608) 842-6500 to request a copy of the School Performance Report.  At right are links to the most recent years reports.