Food & Nutrition Services

Food & Nutrition Services

General Information

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Nutrition and learning go hand in hand. Children who have proper nutrition have more energy and stamina to learn at school. Studies have found that students who do not have adequate nutrition are more likely to have behavior problems, lower grades, and a higher rate of absenteeism.

The DeForest Area School District offers breakfast and lunch each day for all full-day students.  Meals offered at school meet the USDA Dietary Guidelines and provide the proper nutrition for students to fully achieve at school. In addition to full meals, students in kindergarten through 5th grade are given a milk break each day. At the middle school and high school a vending machine filled with healthy snacks and milk is always available for students to make cash purchases from.


Mission Statement

DASD Food Service Staff

The mission of the DeForest Area School District's Food & Nutrition Services Department is to provide all students nutritious meals that facilitate their ability to pursue education at their full potential and to promote health and well-being outside of the classroom.

Eat-to-Learn, Learn-to-Eat