School Closings/Bus Delays

School Closings/Bus Delays

When needed,
School Cancellations and Delays, Emergency Notices & Bus Delays are shown at right.

Cancellations and Delays are also available at:  (608) 842-6668

How are the inclement weather decisions made?  See "Snow Days 101" at right.

In case of inclement weather, the DeForest Area Schools will announce school closings or later morning starting time by 6:00 am.  These announcements are made on local TV and radio stations. School closings or later morning starting time information will also be available from the School Closings/Delay Hotline at 842-6668, on this website (drop-down "alert" message at top of page and on each school page), and through Twitter (DASDalerts) and Facebook (DeForestAreaSchools).  You may also sign up to receive a text message (instructions).

Delayed start

If schools start later than normal as per radio/TV announcements, District transportation services will be delayed a corresponding amount of time. AM early childhood classes will not meet when there is an announced school delay.

Individual bus delays

When a bus is delayed, Kobussen posts information on the DASD website -- at DASD Alerts at the top of the site and on the School/Closings/Bus Delays web page. These notices will be used if for any reason a bus will be delayed picking up children in the morning or dropping them off at the end of the day. 

Early dismissal

Unpredictable weather sometimes necessitates closing schools early during the day to ensure buses are able to transport children home safely. When weather conditions deteriorate during the day, roads are tested for safety reasons to make this determination. If the decision is made to close the schools during the day, it may take up to an hour to make all the arrangements. These changes will be announced through radio/TV stations and on the District's website.

Parents, please plan with your children where they should go in case school is dismissed early and no one is home. Also, see that your children dress warmly in questionable weather, in the event that a breakdown forces riders to wait in the cold.

Extreme cold

Our policy is to close or delay the start of DeForest area schools if the National Weather Service issues a wind chill warning (-35 sustained wind chill) for Dane County for the time just before the school day begins. Schools will not necessarily be closed if there is a wind chill advisory for the county.


When DeForest area schools are closed for the day, it also means that all activities scheduled in school buildings for that day are cancelled. This includes all DASD programs and all after school programs.

Listen to the radio/TV or check the District's website on those days that inclement weather is threatening. Please don't call the schools, bus company, or radio/TV stations. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Parents/Guardians:  If there is ever a time that we hold school and you do not feel it is in the best interest of your child to attend based on your assessment of the weather, please know that we will excuse those absences. Please communicate with the school office if you make this decision as a parent/guardian.

Radio/TV Stations

In case of inclement weather or emergency, the DeForest Area School District will announce school closings or a later morning starting time on the following radio and TV stations: 

WLDS (900 AM) WBKY (95.9 FM) WISC-TV 3
WIBA (1310 AM) WIBA (101.5 FM) WKOW-TV 27
WNWC (1190 AM) WNWC (102.5 FM) WMTV-TV 15
WTDY (1670 AM) Air America (92.1 FM)  
WTSO (1070 AM) WMGN (98 FM)  
WPDR (1350 AM) WJJO (94.1 FM)  
WBEV (1430 AM) WOLX (94.9 FM)  
WLMV (1480 AM) WMAD (96.3 FM)  
  WZEE (104.1 FM)  
  WMMM (105.5 FM)  
  WCHY (105.1 FM)  
  WNNO (106.9 FM)  
  WDDC (100.1 FM)  
  WXRO (95.3 FM)  
  WJQM (93.1 FM)