DASD Superintendent Eric Runez
Mr. Eric Runez

On behalf of the DeForest Area School District’s Board of Education, administration and staff, I welcome you to our professional learning community. I am just one of the many educational leaders who proudly serve this district. DASD has a long tradition of high achieving students, engaged families, and a high-quality faculty and staff. The district has greatly benefited from a very caring community that is proud of its schools, has high expectations for student achievement, and is supportive of the many arts and co-curricular opportunities available to our students. Our community is actively engaged with our schools resulting in outstanding business partnerships, tremendous voter support for school district referendums, and an engagement process called, “Framework for our Future,” that serves as a road map to move the district forward. The DeForest Area School District is an exceptional place to work and learn, because the DASD culture is built on professional learning communities that place students as the central focus of all we do.

My family and I are fortunate to call DASD home, and I am proud to serve as the Superintendent of this growing and innovative school district. With continued community support and the dedication of this outstanding staff, the DeForest Area School District looks forward to a very exciting and bright future. Thank you for visiting our school district website and I hope to see you in our DASD community soon.


Eric Runez
(608) 842-6577

More about the Superintendent

Ann Stettbacher, Administrative Assistant
(608) 842-6582

520 E. Holum Street, DeForest, WI 53532
FAX:  (608) 842-6592

The office of the Superintendent provides leadership for district operations to ensure that the organization's mission is accomplished in the most effective manner possible. The Superintendent:

  • aligns district resources and practices to support board policies and priorities;
  • supervises directors of instructional services, business/auxiliary services, human resource services, pupil services, administrative services, and school/community relations;
  • is the liaison between Board and all district employees; and
  • is the liaison between the school district and businesses, governmental agencies and the community-at-large