Norski Walk of Honor

Norski Walk of Honor
Dale Jenkins & Sue Paulson were inducted into the 2015 Norski Walk of Honor on Sunday, September 20. Dale Jenkins     Sue Paulson

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Program Overview

The DeForest Area School District’s Walk of Honor is about school and community! It recognizes individuals within our greater school community who have demonstrated ongoing commitment and significant contributions to their school district and the DeForest area community. Honorees may be community members, alumni or former staff members of the DeForest Area School District who best personify the school district’s vision, have aided in achieving its ends, and have contributed to DASD and the DeForest area community.

Alumni may not be considered for nomination until ten years* following their graduation from the DeForest Area School District.  Individuals may not be current employees of the school district and may not be considered for nomination until five years* following their completion of employment with the district.  Consideration is given to community members who demonstrate contributions or service for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years.

A community-based committee reviews nominations and conducts research of records to select outstanding candidates for the Norski Walk of Honor. Nominees who are not selected are automatically reconsidered the following year and consecutively after that for a maximum of 5 years.

(* may be granted posthumously)


Norski Walk of Honor Committee: The Norski Walk of Honor Committee provides oversight of the program and convenes when needed to consider nominations. (The Walk of Honor Committee also serves as the DASD Alumni Hall of Fame Committee.) The DASD board of education, and staff within the superintendent’s office, establish the committee members and coordinate the committee’s work. The committee consists of community members and school representatives such as: alumni, board of education, member of the clergy association, historical society, chamber of commerce, DASD staff and administration, and at least two DAHS students. Other district representation is advisory, and includes the high school principal and/or assistant principal, superintendent, and coordinator of school/community relations.

Limitations of honorees: Generally, honoree selection will not exceed three individuals at one time. Although, the committee may elect to modify the number of honorees.

Nomination forms available throughout the community or may be downloaded here:  Walk of Honor Nomination Form.

Nomination forms must be postmarked by April 15 in order to be considered in the selection year. (Committee members are not allowed to submit honoree nominations.)

The selection committee reviews nomination materials and selects the most deserving honorees. This process may be accomplished through a series of meetings. A member of the committee is designated to facilitate the selection process. The honorees are selected by consensus of the committee, if at all possible. If consensus cannot be reached, then the decisions occur through a majority vote of the committee members. If a number of nominees are deserving of the award, the committee also has the option to designate up to two ranked alternates for the award, who may be so honored in the event that the first honorees are unable or unwilling to participate in the recognition program. The selection decisions of the committee are final.

Staff in the superintendent’s office verify the accuracy of nominee information and conduct additional research as directed by the committee.

Final selections are made by May 30. Honorees are notified of their selection and may be asked to submit additional information. A photograph is requested for recognition purposes. Arrangements for a portrait or photograph may need to be made.

The superintendent’s office, in cooperation with high school staff, plan and facilitate appropriate modes of recognition. Honorees are recognized and entered into the Walk of Honor during the high school/community homecoming celebration. A plaque with the honoree’s etched drawing and summary of accomplishments is permanently displayed on the Walk of Honor (located at the high school - on the south wall in the hallway between the pool and south gym).

Questions: Contact the DeForest Area School District at 842-6581.

2015 Inductees

Dale Jenkins
Sue Paulson

2009 Inductees

Anna Marie Legried
Myrtle "Myrt" Anderson

2007 Inductees

Judy Ewald
Margaret "Peg" Rosenberry

2006 Inductees

John Engelsby
Keith Manke
Jim Schultz

2005 Inductees

Darwin Bruns
Robert Ethun
Dale Evans

2004 Inductees

Pat Asmussen
Lisa Heyroth
Elmer McLaughlin
Claire Mulvey
Woodro "Dutch" Stalder